Stretch Dye Sub Table Throw

Complete your presentation with a stretch, dye-sublimated printed table throw. Stretch table throws are tailored to fit standard 8ft, 6ft, 4ft and tall 4ft (48"W x 36"H demo table) tables from top to bottom, providing a stylish, customized and branded appearance for use at events, trade shows and in retail environments. Table throws are fully-printed on washable polyester using dye-sublimation and include a back zipper for easy application.


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    - Available for 8ft, 6ft, 4ft and 4ft tall (48"W x 36"H demo table) table sizes
    - Custom, full color graphics printed on Power Stretch polyester material
    - Secures with rear zipper for snug, wrinkle-free look
    - Standard 8ft table: 96"W x 30"H x 30"D
    - Standard 6ft table: 72"W x 30"H x 30"D
    - Standard 4ft table: 48"W x 30"H x 24"D
    - 4ft demo table: 48"W x 36"H x 24"D
    - Optional carry bag available
    - Made in the USA

    Dimensions vary per size & style
    Fits Approx. Table Size:
    8' Fitted: 96"W x 30"H x 30"D
    6' Fitted: 72"W x 30"H x 30"D
    4' Fitted: 48"W x 30"H x 24"D
    Tall 4' Fitted: 48"W x 36"H x 24"D

    More Information
    Table Throw Size (ft)8', 6', 4'
    Shipping DimensionsShips in: 1 x BOX (13"L x 11"H x 4"D)
    Approximate Shipping Weight3 lbs
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