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Orbus Exhibit & Display Group® is dedicated to providing its dealer clients with all the materials needed to sell quality trade show products.
Contact us for more information on how to adopt these tools and how to use them to increase your sales, expand your product offerings, as well as improve your efficiency.

The Exhibitors' Handbook Website
The Exhibitors' Handbook®

Catalog Website - Easily search for and find the best display solutions.

Product Catalog - Hundreds of displays and ideas.

The PROMO Handbook Catalog
The Promo Handbook®

Catalog Website and Product Catalog - Easily search for and find the best display solutions.

Download PPE Catalog
The PPE Handbook

PPE Product Catalog – Review our expansive range of personal protective (PPE) products and solutions.

SignPro Systems Website
SignPro Systems®

Learn more about our wide range of wayfinding signs and solutions.

Warehouse & Safety Sign Catalog
Warehouse & Safety Sign Catalog

Download our Warehouse & Safety Sign Catalog to view our offering of standard and fully-customizable signs.

The Exhibitors' Handbook In-Situation Brochure
The Exhibitors' Handbook® In-situ Brochures

Download brochures that present displays in-situation – outdoor and indoor environments of all types.

Product Videos
Product Videos

See exhibit assemblies and how-to videos.

Email Templates
Email Templates

Get a jump start on email design.


Step-by-step details.

Graphic Templates
Graphic Templates

Set-up artwork in the template and avoid mistakes.

Product Images
Product Images

High and low-res files for your sales and marketing needs offered with and without art.

Showroom Graphics
Showroom Graphics

Dress your showroom with Orbus displays & graphics.

CAD Files
CAD Files

Download and import. Get a head start on exhibit design.

USA Tradeshow List
USA Tradeshow List

Build your business selling exhibits and displays surrounding these events.


Download our pricing catalog

Ways to use the Exhibitors' Handbook® Catalog

At Orbus, we encourage you to use our product website and/or online catalog as a resource. The Exhibitors' Handbook catalog is printed annually and is a free tool. We also offer our dealer partners the option to order personalized, uniquely branded catalogs for their use and distribution. If you are interested in our customized branded catalogs, please complete this form and a marketing professional will be in touch.

We offer the following options for the use and customization of The Exhibitors’ Handbook online catalog.


Link your clients directly to The Exhibitors’ Handbook non-branded website by providing them with this link: www.theexhibitorshandbook.com


Add this code to the HTML of the page where you would like to display the catalog. You can edit the width and height attribute accordingly.

<iframe allowfullscreen allow="fullscreen" style="border:none;width:100%;height:800px;" src="https://e.issuu.com/embed.html?d=exhb-hdbk&hideIssuuLogo=true&u=exhibitorshandbook"></iframe>


Customize a digital version of The Exhibitors’ Handbook with your own cover art and branding and use as you see fit. If interested in customizing The Exhibitors’ Handbook, please fill out this form.

Ideas for use:

  • Use the digital file as a downloadable resource on your website
  • Create a flipping book of the catalog in ISSUU.
  • Work with Orbus to create a customized version of The Exhibitors’ Handbook Website and incorporate the customized catalog there. Talk to your sales person to see if you qualify.

The Exhibitors' Handbook

The Exhibitors' Handbook Catalog

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